Sunday, 11 March 2018

Dark Age Forsaken faction box

I painted up a Dark Age faction box as part of a commission job recently. This is the Forsaken Saint Mark set. To be honest I don't really know too much about Dark Age. The original range of models must have been released in the early 2000's as I recall seeing them all over Cool Mini Or Not at the time. This set is part of the new range of models and long gone are the chunky rather old fashioned looking sculpts and instead we've got a more 'sophisticated' set of modern designs.

Sculpting wise this set is a little mixed. Most of the models have that ultra tiny, 'to scale' look that plagues a lot of modern day premium figure ranges. It's not just a case of them being made under magnification to be painted under magnification (I don't know if these are traditional sculpts or digital) but when details get too small they can quickly disappear under paint. There are a number of areas on various models where the detail is so indistinct from the get go that undercoat and paint completely obliterate it. Oddly enough though two of the models are much chunkier sculpts in comparison and were much easier to paint. Could be the result of using multiple sculptors.

Saint Mark is a big lad and is well sculpted for painting in my opinion. Just the right level of chunk for all the detail to be well defined. Personally I don't find his pose to be imposing enough for what I assume is a leader type. I wish they'd replicated the original model's pose from back in the day really.

Hephzibah is the other model that was a better one for painting. I'm not keen on the sculpting of the face and like most of the models her eyelids disappear a bit too much into her brow making them tricky to paint and define the eyes nicely. Other than that I kept thinking this could almost be a Kev White sculpt!

The Sentinel is a bit of weaker sculpt I think. It's a rather flat model and one of the tinier sculpts, although not as bad as some in the set. Painted he looks a lot better and looks a lot less flat.

The Shades had a few areas that were tricky to paint due to disappearing detail. Their head gear was really hard to do, faces, what you can see at least are very tiny and the left arms on both are just indistinct lumps of 'detail'. They look nice enough when done though.

Finally we've got the Junkers which immediately make me think of Void due to the name alone. These are the tiniest in the set. Very slim sculpts and a lot of tough to pick out detail. Fingers are terribly small and little more than thin strands than actual fingers. Some areas the detail blurs a bit too much and it's just guess work. Again, they look good when done but if you look too close the flaws begin to stand out.

I've got some more sets to paint up so it'll be interesting to see how they compare. I suspect it'll be more of the same but you never know.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Stormcast Eternals Lord Relictor

Quick post to show my finished Stormcast Eternals Lord Relictor. I started painting this last year when I was on a bit of roll after finishing up a little unit of Liberators. Did pretty well with the main body of the model and was looking to have it done before Christmas with hopes of getting another hero done too. Weeeeeelllll... that went to shit didn't it! I got a little bogged down working on the relic icon thing and then commission stuff kind of burned me out a bit and killed my desire to paint anything. A couple of weeks back I finally managed to force myself to get it finished off. Chuffed to have it done at last and I'm hoping to tackle another soon.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Empire War Wagon

Got the chance to paint up a nice bit of Warhammer history in the classic Empire war wagon. At the time of it's original release I was drifting away from GW, or at least what GW was becoming and I had mixed feelings about the new Empire range. On the one hand I kind of liked some of the models but they were also quite different in style from the classic 80's stuff and were synonymous with a changing GW (at least for me). The war wagon I didn't care for at all though. I thought it was a dumb idea, simple as that. Years down the line though I'm over all that knee jerk bull shit and I've grown to like a lot of what I wasn't keen on.

Being an older model and a metal casting the wagon itself didn't quite fit together perfectly. It's lacking a few right angles I think but thankfully it's not noticeable and the model sits properly. From the underside though that slight skewing can be seen and needed some gap filling to secure the floor. The only real problem was one of the end pieces of the lower structure was too misplaced and needed some trimming and filling to be able to get it into place. Whilst prepping the model I also discovered it was missing the yoke to attach the horses. A replacement couldn't be found so I cobbled one together from a piece from a beastman chariot, some metal sprue and a Grey Knight icon. I had to skin the beam with greenstuff and texture it to match as best I could. Never done that before and I'm quite pleased with the end result.

Fitting the crew in place was easier said than done. It's quite a squeeze in there and later I realised that on the studio model from the box art the crew appear to be sitting slightly higher up so they may have been mounted on an extra bit base. Got them all in though and drilled holes to pin them prior to painting which proved to be a really sensible decision.

Painting the crew and horses was nothing out of the ordinary. Base coating them all certainly took a while, especially with all those puffed and slashed sleeves. I had hoped to get the horses done a bit quicker but they proved to be a little more work due to their coloured armour. The freehand designs are semi-cheated. The shields are totally freehand but he crosses are overpainted decals I had printed out for something else. They were actually Maltese crosses or something so I painted over them to turn them into something a bit more Germanic.

The wagon was a bit daunting at first, it's a hell of a lump and not something I've painted a lot of but it's just timber and bits so I settled into it pretty quickly. In some ways it came together quicker than expected. These things can drag on a bit and become real bug bears but the lower section of the wagon painted up in good time. The upper portion of the structure though took a bit longer. The coloured shingles got a bit annoying after a while and the timbering took longer than hoped. I think largely a result of the model being awkward to handle at that point and I really wish I'd left off the yoke until the end as it just got in the way.

I was going to leave the crew loose for ease of packing the model for posting back to the owner but I ended up gluing them as they were really difficult to fit without damaging the paint work. Went with an epoxy glue rather than superglue just to ensure a solid join.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Guild Ball Fishermen

Quick post here. Painted up a couple more Fishermen for a Guild Ball team I was commissioned to do a while back. Quite nice figures to paint. Just the right bit of chunk to them and pretty well defined sculpting for digital sculpts. We've got Corsair, the big guy and Sakana.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Supergirl & Wonder Woman

Just a couple of models painted recently, both by Knight Models. Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

I'm not the biggest fan of Knight Models but I rather enjoyed painting Supergirl. It was a nice change from stuff I had been working on previously. Quite a simple figure really. Wonder Woman was a bit more tricky though as Knight tend to produce models with very slight detail (it's all there it's just very subtle) and it's easy to lose it under a couple of coats of paint. It was the case with both models but with Wonder Woman's costume being more detailed it was more obvious an issue. Certainly a bit of an eye strainer.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Blood Bowl stuff

Second post in two days! As the title says, Blood Bowl is the order of the day. Final bits and pieces from a commission job spanning two teams. Mostly Chaos dwarves but a couple of pieces for a halfling team. All previously posted here as far as I can recall.

Anyway, the halfling team got a couple of treeman markers. Not sure of the manufacturer off the top of my head or what purpose they serve in game but they're nice little things all the same.

The meat of the pics are for the Chaos dwarves though, mostly big guys. Minotaurs and bull centaurs.

Not painted a black minotaur before so it was a nice change. Varnish came out a bit shiny on this guy but it's not as bad in reality as it looks under my lights. Funnily enough I didn't care too much for this model at first. It's not really from my era of GW (although I do love the current GW stuff). A bit too 90's perhaps but once I started painting it I really fell for the model.

Whilst the mino grew on me the big hat dwarves are not really my thing. Nice and chunky though so not bad to paint although the bull centaurs did take a bit more time and effort than their two legged stunty brethren. A little bit busy in places. Certainly the age of skullz. These and the minotaurs were both real wrist breakers. It's surprising how heavy they can be when you're holding them for hours on end.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

More Crooked Dice

Guess who's forgotten all about his blog? Nothing new for anyone following me on Facebook but here's a few bits I did recently for Crooked Dice. To start with there's Mr Mangel who joins a few of the freaky sorts from earlier posts. All part the Children of the Fields 7TV cast.

And what appears to be the beginning of a post apoc range based on some familiar sculpts from a few years back. Wasteland Warriors.

Bit of a Mad Max vibe to them but I could also see them fitting in really well with all things Fallout. I really fancied painting a blue vault suit on one but stuck to the brief. Turned out I could have gone off script after all. Oh well.